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WWW Wednesday: Who Owns Who?

Thumb Who Owns Who

My regular Wednesday Post on the Why We Web Blog is now available.

In our tech dominated modern world we must ask ourselves the question: who owns who? Do we truly own our gizmos and gadgets, or do they own us?

Link: Who Owns Who?


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WWW Wednesday: A Digital Bible Worth Considering

eBible iconMy regular Wednesday Post on the Why We Web Blog is now available.

There are numerous digital options for reading the Bible. Recently I have found myself returning over and over again to a relatively new offering that brings to the table some very interesting features. Checkout my Wednesday Why We Web blog post for all the details.

Link: A Digital Bible Worth Considering


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WWW Wednesday: God’s Fingerprints, Facebook, And The Unexpected

Connecting With Jesus Love

My regular Wednesday post on the Why We Web Blog is now available.

Yesterday brought the unexpected. No, not the election results. I’m referring to something much more personal: an unexpected medical emergency. Yet, as I look back at everything that transpired God’s fingerprints of love are stunningly obvious– and He used an unexpected tool: Facebook.

Link: God’s Fingerprints, Facebook, And The Unexpected


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Need A Third Hand?

DIY car phone GPS holder


Need a third hand to hold your mobile device while driving?

This week in my regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post I share with you a quick and easy trick to make a simple, yet effect tool to hold your device while you’re on the go.

Link: On The Fly DIY Phone/GPS holder


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Believers Bookshelf Announces eBooks

iBooks iconThings are starting to get interesting in the world of eBooks.

Last week I received an email from Gospel Folio Press announcing their launching of several titles in eBook format (See DS post: Gospel Folio Press Announces eBooks). Now this week I received an email from Believers Bookshelf Canada announcing their foray into eBooks.

According to BBC’s email 14 titles are presently available in the ePub format through Apple’s iTunes store (link).

Apparently there is only one title available for the Kindle (link), however the email indicates they are presently working on additional Kindle titles.

Happy reading…


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Podium Pro iPad App Released

Podium Pro iPad app for public speaking and preachingA few weeks ago I posted a short article about a new iPad app in development that promises to be of help for all public speakers including preachers.

The app’s developers just released “Podium Pro Lite” to Apple’s App Store. You can find it here. Best of all is the price: free.

I am presently downloading the app my iPad… after I have a chance to mess around with it and use it I plan to write a full review here on Digital Sojourner.

Have you given the app a try? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts in the comments.

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What Is My Favorite Android App?

Gesture Search Android AppIf the icon does not help you in answering this question — or you do recognize it but want to know why it’s my favorite app — check out my most recent post over at the Why We Web Blog.

It might just change the way you interact with your Android phone and greatly increase your productivity.

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Preaching With An iPad – There’s A New App For That


Two of the most popular posts on Digital Sojourner explored the use of an iPad as an aid for preaching. Those posts are available here and here.

I recently discovered that there is a new iPad app currently under development that holds great promise for all public speakers, including preachers. The app, Podium Pro, is still in private beta but should be available soon in the app store.

When the app is released Digital Sojourner will write a comprehensive review.

The app is being designed by public speakers for public speakers. Several functions that preachers will find helpful are being built into the app. Some of those features are: word processing, Dropbox integration, count down timer, count up timer, overtime clock, ability to record and share your sermon, and much more.


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The Forgotten Danger: Mobile Phones

Many people make efforts to protect themselves online and this is an excellent practice.  I know of a number of families who use tools such as Safe Eyes and restrict what access their children have. What I find interesting is that as more and more teenagers and adults use smartphones, these devices go almost fully unprotected.  This means that children potentially have access to everything on the internet with no restrictions. And since a phone is portable it can be taken anywhere and to hidden locations.

Parents should be proactive in protecting their children from internet dangers by monitoring what is being done on these devices.  There are a number of safety tools that can help and we will be exploring these tools in the coming months.

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The Top 5 iPad Apps For Christians

iPad 2

My most recent post is available over at the newly launched Why We Web Blog. In the post I explore five very helpful iPad apps for believers:

  1. OliveTree BibleReader
  2. Evernote
  3. GoodReader
  4. Dropbox
  5. Gmail

If you own an iPad, and you’re not using any of these apps then check out the full post here.

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