Are you a DUDD? Part 2: Facebook Addiction


Are you a DUDD? is a series of articles dealing with internet usage and the Christian life. It stands for Dude Under Digital Distraction (Ok we made that up and it applies to girls too) 🙂


Realistically, there are many differing views on whether Christians should use Facebook or not. I read of a pastor in the US who was telling his congregation that Facebook is a sin and should be avoided. Others are preaching the “Facebook is life” philosophy. As believers, we are commanded to keep ourselves from idols (1 John 5:21). That simply means that we should strive to have a balance in all areas of life and not make any one thing become a god. It should cause us to evaluate the energy we spend on TV, sports, books, the internet, work, service, email and anything that might distract us from the Lord.

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Social Media in the Church?

Social Media Icons


In a recent article by Christianity Today, several Christian leaders were asked to give their views on “How to Think about Social Networking in Churches”1.  The responses varied a little but one common theme emerged from the writers – Social Media is not going away.  When you consider that over 1 million cell phones are activated every single day the reality hits hard. Technology is firmly fixed at the center of our lives.

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