God’s Good News: Review Lesson


Romans 1:16-18, Romans 3:19-26, Romans 5:1, Romans 6:1-7, Romans 7:5-6, Romans 7:18, Romans 8:1-4, Romans 8:12-18, Romans 8:31-32

What a great message God has taught us! What a great work God has done in Christ!

God’s gospel is so rich that He has to tell us all the problems He has overcome! It is so deep that He has to explain why we need it! It is so vast that our minds are filled up and overflowing when we finish learning about what God has done! Praise the Lord!

1st Problem – Solved!

God made a way we can be saved from the penalty that we deserve for our sins. (1:18-5:11) As a just judge He would have to send us to hell. But Christ died for our sins! He was our substitute. If we admit we are unrighteous and that we can not fix our problem by works, then we can see how precious the blood of Christ is!

All sinners who believe that Christ died for them are justified – God declares that they are righteous. All their debt has been paid. They are no longer in danger of wrath! Those who believe rejoice that this legal (judicial) problem is settled forever! We have a righteous position in God’s sight, and that can not change! So we have peace with God. Praise the Lord!

2nd Problem – Solved!

God made a way we can be saved from the power of sin which rules in the flesh. (5:12-8:14) Because our flesh is from Adam, sin rules it. But we died and rose with Christ! He was our representative. If we admit our flesh is no good and that we can not fix our problem by trying, then we can see how great it is to have new life in the risen Christ! What deliverance!

All who give up on the flesh and allow Christ to live in them by the Spirit can walk righteously. They are no longer frustrated by sin’s control. Those who walk according to the Spirit rejoice that their internal (moral) problem is settled forever! We can have a righteous practice by living like Paul: “I am crucified… but Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20) So we have peace in living. Praise the Lord!

3rd Problem – Solved!

God made a way we can be saved from the presence and effect of sin on our mortal body. (8:15-39) Because our body came from Adam, it is failing physically. But our real life is in Christ now! Because we are in Christ, one day even our bodies will be changed!

We will be done with this final left-over from Adam (our body). God made a way for our physical problem to be settled forever. We will be given bodies with a new glory that is like our new life in Christ! We have confidence as we look forward to that day! Soon everything about us will show that we really are the sons of God! So we have peace in trials. Praise the Lord!

So God has provided for all our needs by grace!
1. Our legal problem = the penalty for our sins
Solution –> By faith I am right before God in position

2. Our internal problem = the power of sin
Solution –> By the Spirit I can walk right in practice

3. Our physical problem = the present effect of sin
Solution –> Soon I will have a new body

All of this is in Christ! We owe everything to Christ! May the name of the Lord Jesus be praised forever!


As you finish these lessons, ask yourself a couple questions. Have you ever admitted to God that you have sins that make you guilty and helpless? Have you asked Him to save you from hell by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ? If so, you are justified forever! If not, think seriously about God being a righteous judge Whom you will face!

Second, have you ever realized that your flesh is controlled by sin and that you can not walk right by your own ability? Have you seen that the only way to live is by Christ living in you? If so, present your body to God each day for Him to use. This is God’s way to deliver you from sin’s power in your daily living!

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