Halloween… Are You Ready?

PumpkinAs Halloween approaches many front yards around the community I live in are undergoing a transformation. Pumpkins (both real and plastic), blinking orange lights, dried corn stalks and even a few styrofoam gravestones is a clear signal that it’s time to stock up on candy in anticipation of dozens of sugar-starved kids knocking on my door.

As I wrote last year, Halloween is NOT my favorite ‘holiday.’ However it does provide an opportunity— maybe even the best opportunity of the year— to distribute gospel literature.

While we haven’t purchased any candy yet, I have placed an order for gospel tracts that should arrive in the next day or two. If you haven’t purchased tracts yet, now is the time to get your order in.

This year we ordered our tracts from Moments With The Book. However, there are many other excellent sources of Halloween themed gospel tracts—the point is NOW is the time to place your order!

Oh, and one more important point— don’t go cheap on the candy!

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Getting Creative with the Gospel

In the past 2 weekends I had the privilege of helping with 3 outreach events. All 3 were very different from each other and had different goals. What excited me about these events was how creative they were. There was no pulpit and no hymns sung. For two of the events a short gospel message was given.  I really value people with enthusiasm and creativity when it comes to spreading the good news. Here are the 3 events and what they were about. If you have some of your own to share please post them in the comments below.

Men’s Golf Tournament

This is a great event with usually around 30-36 men attending of which half are not saved. They come for a very good breakfast, hear a short 10 minute gospel presentation then play 18 holes of golf. We offer prizes as well. There are 3 great reasons why this event is a great idea.

  1. It’s very easy to organize.  It doesn’t take a lot of work to host this event. All you need is a speaker, a golf course, some donated prizes and some people to put on the food. We have a person who goes around many local business and asks for prizes. You would be amazed and what you will get: restaurant gift cards, oil changes, car washes, shirts, hats and all kinds of other great prizes.
  2. It’s almost no cost to the local church. Since the prizes are donated the only expenses are food and giving a gift to the speaker.  We usually find a course that is a good prize and just tack on a little to cover food so really there’s hardly any expense at all.
  3. Men will come. You mention golf to some guys and they sign up on the spot. They don’t care if they have to endure a 10 minute “religious talk”, they just want to play golf.  Having 18 guys sitting listening to the gospel is a tremendous thing.

So give it a shot and see what the Lord will do through this idea. Let me know if you need any help getting started.


A Cross Country Runner’s Race

This is a really great event. I was privileged to help out for the second year. It’s held at a Christian camp with 160 acres of land. There are 2 races: a 1km walk/run and a 5km run. This year we had 120 runners with about 60 in each. Maybe who come for the 5km are runners in other races but are surprised at how tough the race is since it covers many different kinds of terrain and slope. Some times they are running straight up a hill. Everyone is given a BBQ meal after and there’s lots of prizes. There’s a short gospel presentation as well.

Community BBQ and Carnival

Our local church has been running one of these events for a few years now and it’s a great time. The purpose is to meet families and introduce them to who we are and also our kids programs which range from JK to grade 12. We offer BBQ hot dogs and burgers along with chips, cookies and drink. We set up about 12-15 carnival games. We have done this event in 2 ways: free with no prizes and paid with prizes. Both are great options depending on your budget and resource restraints. We have a number of people who are floaters to strike up conversations with the parents and kids. Since we have done this for a number of years the people who come often know us by name and look forward to the event. We usually see new kids sign up for our programs and it’s a great way to connect with the parents.

So what is your church doing to reach the lost? We’d love to hear!!





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Yes, The Internet Wants You: The Need For A Church Website

Rey again, posting from the wintery hinterlands of the upper northeast; a new area for me and only marginally affecting my posting schedule: ah, the beauty of the Internet.

But that reminds me of why I’m writing.

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5 Keys to Effective Local Church Websites

Have you ever been to an unfamiliar city and tried to find a place to eat? It can be tough to decide. How would you choose the right restaurant? Each one is unique, has a different name, and, most importantly, gives you a distinct impression. Some might look too fancy and ritzy. Some might look like they are ready to be condemned. And then, of course, there’s the choice of what kind of food you want to eat. All of these factors contribute to your selection of restaurant.

So what does this have to do with your local church’s website? Many Christians feel that visitors get their first impression of the assembly when they walk through the door of the place where they meet. But this isn’t necessarily so. Increasingly, people who are searching for answers, or looking to get back to God, or who are interested in sending their kids to Sunday school or a kids club are getting their first impression before they ever step foot in a church building.

These days, your church’s website is often the first taste people have of your church. Potential visitors are researching who you are and what you are like before they show up at your door. They want to know what you believe, what the atmosphere is like, what you do.

Now, we all realize that the local church is not a place to simply have all our needs met. It’s a place to give and be used of the Lord. But, for those not saved and for many who are young in the faith or unaware of biblical church principles, your website might be the only chance you have to reach them. Here’s how to make that first impression count.

1. Be real. Your website needs to reflect your local church so that when someone comes in they get what they expect. If your fellowship is made up of about 50 regulars, don’t make it seem like you have hundreds. It appears deceptive.
2. Be honest. Let people know what you believe and why. Don’t water down the truth to get people
to come in. Let them know your values and show them what’s important to you.
3. Be sensitive. Recognize that many people looking for a local church are searching for the Lord, are hurting, or are working through some personal issues. Maybe they have had problems with drugs, alcohol, or relationships.
Your website should reflect the same care and concern that the Lord showed to those in need.
4. Be current. God’s message to the world is as relevant today as it was to the first century believers. Your website
should be current and look current. A website that has out of date information turns people away.
5. Be appealing. The Lord Jesus always gave His best. Your website should be attractive and easy to use. Sites that look old and uninviting give the impression that no one cares. These details can mean a lot to the viewers who come to your website. Investing a little time and energy into your website can keep you from unintentionally turning people away.

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