True Protection From Internet Pornography Requires A Minimum of 3 Essential Components


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I just post a new article over at the Why We Web blog detailing the three essential components of internet protection.

The three components are: filtering software, accountability software, and router level protection.

For full details check out the original post…

Link: True Protection From Internet Pornography Requires A Minimum of 3 Essential Components



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REMINDER: Free Internet Safety Webinar Tonight

Webinar BannerOnline integrity is an issue that we should all be concerned with. But what can we proactively do to fight against the growing threat of pornography and other inappropriate content?

**TONIGHT** at 7pm Eastern our friends over at Why We Web will present a free, one hour webinar that will show you the tools you need to secure your network & internet connected devices. The webinar will also step you through the set up process.

For more information and to pre-register (seating is limited) visit the webinar event page on the Why We Web website.


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Free Internet Safety Webinar

Open DNS Free Webinar

Online integrity is an issue that we should all be concerned with. But what can we proactively do to fight against the growing threat of pornography and other inappropriate content?

Mark your calendar for 7pm Eastern Thursday October 4th for a free, one hour webinar that will show you the tools you need and step you through the process of securing your network and internet connected devices.

For more information and to pre-register (seating is limited) visit the webinar event page on the Why We Web website.


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NT Tuesday: ‘One Another’ Verses in the New Testament

Large Crowd of PeopleI must admit, I had writer’s block, which is odd, since I am not a writer!

The only topic that came to my heart and mind was writing on the “one another” passages in the New Testament. But, I said to myself, “self, that isn’t a New Testament principle.” Ah ha! Little did I know that I would sit through a message on Nehemiah and be told that the “one another” passages in Scripture are in fact a New Testament principle. Therefore, this week’s blog post is on the “one another” passages found in the New Testament.

Let me explain why I agree with the Bible teacher who declared that as New Testament principle practicing saints, we ought to pay heed to the “one another” passages.

Principles should change our practice – it’s that simple. If we are going to adhere to New Testament principles, than our lives (not just our meetings, but our individual lives) ought to look much, much different than the world.

Let’s consider some of these passages…


Confess our sins to one another


“Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16.

In this verse, we are instructed to participate in two different activities as part of our relationship with each other in the body of Christ. The first is to confess our sins to one another. Interestingly enough, it does not say to confess our sins to a robed clergy, to a recognized elder, to a Bible teacher, to a deacon, etc. It says to confess our sins to one another.

While Jesus Christ’s work on the cross has made it possible for us to confess our sins directly to God, there are some benefits to confessing our sins to each other in an appropriate manner.

Certainly, if we have wronged a person, we ought to confess our sins to that person and ask for forgiveness. Likewise, if we have sinned publicly (or been caught in a sin and it becomes public), there is a necessity to confess our sins to the local church and others who may have been offended by the sin.

If we need support or accountability, confessing our sins to one another has a benefit. I have sat with more than one young man who has confessed his addiction to pornography. Even as they were confessing them, there was a burden that was being released and now shared by another brother. Accountability, love, grace, and forgiveness are often needed during these times.


Pray for one another


Notice how closely, confessing our sins, praying and healing are connected. It would do us well to take note of this relationship. I would suggest that our prayers are hampered when we fail to confess our sins and likewise, holding in unconfessed sins is certainly not healthy.

Prayer is powerful!

Prayer benefits the one praying and the one who is the subject of the prayer.

Prayer aligns our thoughts with God’s perspective on things.

Prayer forms a bond between brothers and sisters that is not easily broken.

We need to pray because it expresses our dependence on God.

We need to pray for others, because it expresses our love for them.

We need others to pray for us, because it allows them to show their love for us. Let us be prayer warriors during our time here.


More on the “one another” passages next week – unless the Lord Jesus comes back – oh, what a thought… until then, fulfill your ministry.



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Entry Level Theological Truth [27]

“For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:5

After contradicting the Lord’s word, the serpent impugned the Almighty’s goodness by inferring that His prohibition of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was motivated out of self-serving jealousy that wanted to withhold something worthwhile from human beings.

Satan has employed this timeless tactic throughout the centuries to plant seeds of doubt regarding their Creator’s intentions in people’s minds. It is a common misconception that God is the cosmic kill-joy – a self-absorbed ogre who wants to hoard the good stuff for Himself, while keeping His creatures in bondage. But this could not be more inaccurate.

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Book Review: Look Straight Ahead

Look Straight Ahead - A Call To Men For Moral Purity

People face many temptations, especially in the area of moral purity. One of the most appealing lures to the fallen flesh is sexual lust. Pornography has become increasingly brazen, readily visible to the unguarded eye of one who is not even seeking it. It has become one of the most successful weapons against the child of God. Our church families are plagued with failed marriages as the enemy has rushed in to ruin the testimony of the saints. There has been casualties among public leaders, the last to be suspected of such moral sin. This all-too-common tragedy has burdened my heart to exhort and encourage men, in particular, to echo the plea of the psalmist as he stood before his Lord and cried out, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me,” Psalm 51:10

This is a quote from the introduction to the book Look Straight Ahead – A Call To Men For Moral Purity written by Sam Thorpe, Jr. and published by Everyday Publications of Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. The book is a heart felt plea to the men of the church to intentionally live a life of moral purity. This is a timely book, dealing with a major issue in the church that few others are willing to address.

The author rightly recognizes the sin of pornography as a powerful

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Running On Empty


Sometimes when my gas tank is near empty, I like to play a game. I like to see just how far I can go and not run out of gas. I’ve been playing this game ever since I’ve been driving, and I’ve never had the same experience twice. How many games have you ever played which you can say the same thing about? Achieving a certain level of fear, and excitement contributes to the overall attraction of playing such a dumb and dangerous game.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” I had imagined that the worst thing that could happen was that I’d run out of gas! That goes without saying. But, if I ran out of gas, I knew what to do- pull over to the shoulder of the road, and call for help. Seems quite simple I suppose. However, the first time I ran out of gas, the road had no emergency shoulder, I was on a very steep hill, and I was stopped on a blind corner! All of a sudden, the world got a lot bigger as I imagined how playing this stupid game could potentially harm someone else!

Pornography has a similar allure. It has an element of danger, excitement, and gratification. One big problem about these emotions is that none of them take into consideration how others would be affected. I had NEVER considered how my addiction to pornography would affect others. All that was important to me was how pornography made me feel.

Now, to finish off my story from an earlier post and to wrap up this series of posts about why I started being accountable…

It was my turn to answer the question, “Have you had any lustful thoughts, attitudes, or watched anything which does not glorify God?” My initial reaction was to lie about it to everyone, but I could tell by the other guys’ response’s that no one else had lied. I spilled my guts like the kid from the 80’s movie called, “The Goonies”, Chunk when he was captured by the bank robbers and their evil mother. I told them about the years and years of how pornography had been such a cancer to my spiritual growth.

I received an evenly mixed dose of rebuke and encouragement from the guys. I was comforted in knowing that so many men like me have this struggle, even in the Christian community. By shedding light on this dark area of my life, I’ve been humbled in remembering just how sinful and corrupt I am. The great part in being humbled by my own sinfulness is that I was reminded about just how much I really need Jesus in my life.

There is just something extremely therapeutic about confession- warm, emotional, fulfilling. There is also a danger into turning something very innocent, such as confessing, into something ritualistic and legalistic- cold and empty, as if it were a hospital recovery room. My very first experience with accountability could definitely be best described by the former, and not the later.

In opening up to this group of guys who were only acquaintances, at best, was a huge step for me. In choosing to be honest to them about my struggles with online pornography, I was able to drop the heavy yoke of deception, and expose an area of my life which I’ve kept in the dark from everyone. I’ve deceived myself for way too long about how far I could go on an empty tank of gas.


Digital Sojourner would like to thank Long Vo for writing this guest post. Long’s first two posts in this series were An Ounce Of Prevention and SPAM (Some Parts Are Me). Digital Sojourner recently discussed the importance of Christian accountability with Long… you can listen to the podcast here.


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SPAM (Some Parts Are Me)

First I would like to tell you a bit about myself before setting the stage for what you’re about to read. This is my second post regarding why I chose to be accountable, you can read the first post here.

I’m a born-again Christian, husband to a loving wife, and father to an awesome son. I worked long hours in the auto industry for about ten years (60-80 hrs. per week). However, one day, after becoming convicted about how I was neglecting my family… I quit and became a full time home-maker. I choose to serve my family by making the time to be available for them.

Here’s how it all began

It was 8:15 AM and I had just dropped something off for my wife at work (she’s a teacher at a Christian Pre-School). On my way out the door, I ran into a father whose son was in my son’s class. We exchanged pleasantries and, as I was preparing to excuse myself from the conversation to go home to drink some beer and surf the net for porn, he asks me if I’m part of an accountability group? At the time I had never even heard of such a thing.

Next, he handed me a card with 10 questions printed on it. The question which called out the most to me was, “Have you had any lustful thoughts, attitudes, or watched anything which does not glorify God?” Well, within a nanosecond I was ready to say, “No thanks!” and just walk away like he was selling sunglasses at a mall kiosk.

But something deep inside of me cried out, “I really need this in my life right now!” so asked my friend some other questions about the logistics of the group. After spending about ten minutes trying to fight off the call of the Spirit, I submitted and agreed to go to the next meeting.

The morning of the meeting was filled with great anxiety over how I would answer some of the questions. It seemed like it would have been easier if the group was made up of men who were total strangers, but the group consisted of the Headmaster of the school my wife teaches at, a local preacher, and an insurance salesman. I thought to myself, I’ll just lie about some of these questions so that they won’t find out how depraved I really am. After all, I’m a Christian! I have to live up to a certain image of perfection! As most Christians probably realize, but never talk about, we really do judge a book by its cover.

We met on the scheduled morning and began with some small talk… last night’s ball game, this morning’s run, and a problem customer who is never happy. Not long after, the guys all brought out their question cards and prepared themselves to go through each one.

When we came to the question that initially caught my eyes, I began to sweat. I didn’t want to lie, but I didn’t want to look foolish in front of these mature Christians. My canned SPAM response was ready to go…

If you want to know more of what happened, tune in next month for another installment in this series.


Digital Sojourner would like to thank Long Vo for writing this guest post.

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