Flashback: This Week Last Year [2012 Week 5]

Port Said Stadium RiotOn February 1st last year an Egyptian soccer match turned violent when fans of the opposing teams began to attack one another. The riot resulted in the death of 79 persons and well over 1,000 injured [source].

Unfortunately, this tragic story is back in the news this year as new riots have erupted as 21 people have been sentenced to death over last year’s Port Said Stadium disaster [source].

During the 5th week of 2012 there were a number of interesting Digital Sojourner posts including:

  • In A Galilean Happy Meal in The Hands of The Master brother Long Vo takes a look giving to the Lord’s even even during times of financial hardship. Drawing from his own personal experience and the Biblical account of the young boy who gave his 5 loaves and 2 fish to the Lord, Long challenges us to generously give to the Lord despite our own personal financial difficulties.
  • It has been said that a local church that does not have a presence online, is a church that to many people doesn’t exist. To this end brother Rey Reynoso offers some helpful advice on How to Build a Church Website
  • Brother Crawford Paul shared 4 Tips on Making Effective Videos to Promote the Gospel. As the importance of media grows for effectively reaching lost souls on the Internet, Crawford offers some very helpful tips for those who would endeavor to produce gospel oriented videos.
  • The most viewed article ever on Digital Sojourner was posted this week last year. The post Home Call: Dave Reid eulogized brother Dave Reid who unexpectedly died in a skiing accident. Many, including my wife who year earlier sat under his tutelage at Emmaus Bible College, have many fond memories of “Dr. Dave” and his ministry.

What was your favorite Digital Sojourner post of 2012 Week #5?


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