Events: China… an insider’s view

CMML China.. an insider's view


God is at work in China. Amazing things are happening. Souls are being saved and the church is growing. And this is all true despite fierce opposition and bitter persecution throughout much of the country.

Would you like to get an insider’s view of what God is doing in China? If so, Digital Sojourner highly recommends the “CHINA… an insider’s view” conference scheduled for 9:30a – 3:00p Saturday, March 17, 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in Eatontown, NJ. The conference, hosted by Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc., will feature two veteran missionaries to China and a video report recorded by a Christian Chinese national specifically for this event.

Brother John Short, along with his wife Karen, are veteran missionaries in Hong Kong actively engaged in the ministry of the Christian Book Room.

Brother Fred Ruff, and his wife Cathy, have been actively engaged in missionary work among those who are ethnically Chinese throughout the world since 1991.

If you would like ‘an insider’s view‘ you should register for this conference now… registration is required and space is limited. For more details download the conference flyer here; to register visit the CMML event page here.

Also expected at the conference is Mosaic a five man singing group comprised of believers from several New York City assemblies. The following video clip is Mosaic singing at CMML’s 2011 Annual Fall conference.

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 12

Winter Road Romans 12:9-13Serve the Lord diligently, with fervent love for the saints! Romans 12:9-13

Our devotion to God should really show! Devotion requires diligence. Do God’s will with great passion!

Serve the saints with deep love for them! Be genuine. Your love for others should be real, just like God’s love for us is real.

Have a deep desire to do what is right. If something is evil, do not have anything to do with it. If it is good, then wrap your arms around it!

See other Christians as brothers in Christ. You are part of God’s family now. So love them deeply and value them. Be the first one to tell others that you appreciate them.

Be diligent and fervent. Have a fire in your heart to serve the Lord! Do not be half-hearted. Be like the Lord Jesus who was sold out to do God’s will! He said, “Zeal for your house has eaten me up.” Doing God’s will consumed Him. He truly was a

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Jottings – Public & Private Prayer


No public prayer will do without private, but God always answers private.

John N. Darby. Notes & Comments, Vol. 1. Sunbury, PA: Believers Bookshelf, 1971 Reprint.

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Tim Tebow and John 3:16

The power of the media coupled with the viral nature of the Internet is undeniable. A photograph or video from an obscure corner of the world can receive almost instant, global attention as people endlessly tweet it and share it on Facebook.

Yesterday, when Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos threw a pass for the winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers social media networks went crazy with status updates about Tim Tebow. On Twitter alone there were 9,420 tweets per second. Yes, that’s right 9,420 tweets per second about Tebow!

Tim Tebow is an outspoken Christian who uses every opportunity he is given to speak of his Savior the Lord Jesus Christ… and the world has noticed. One can hardly turn on the TV or surf the net without seeing some reference to Tebow and his faith. Even right now, more than 24 hours after his game winning pass, “tebow” is the 10th hottest search term on Google and “john 3 16” (that Tebow so prominently displays across his face on black eye paint) is the most searched for term on Google.

Absolutely amazing!

When I Google the term “John 3 16” the very first link that comes up is John 3:16 on

Let this be a call to prayer and action. Prayer for Tim Tebow, that God would grant him the strength to maintain a strong Christian testimony. Prayer for the millions who are searching for the meaning of John 3:16. And finally, a call to action for each one of us to stand firmly and boldly for the Lord Jesus Christ.

No, we might never achieve 9,420 tweets per second, but each of us has a completely unique mission field. Wherever we go let us also make the most of every opportunity to speak of the glories of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Top photo: lynnsladky/AP

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God’s Good News: Lesson 10 Part 2

As we wait, we can talk to God in prayer and trust that He loves us (Romans 8:26-39)

The Spirit in us makes us long for the day when we will have perfect bodies! But right now, we still have troubles! So the Spirit helps us talk to God about these troubles. How good to always talk with God!

We may not know what to ask for. But we do know that God loves us. He loved us before we loved Him. At one time we did not love Him at all, but He set His love on us.

God plans that we will be like His Son. The Father wants the Lord Jesus to be at the Center with thousands of us around Him! So, that is why God called us. First He loved us and planned for us to be with Christ. Then He called. We can be sure He will also bring us to be with His Son in glory!

How awesome! God is for us! He desires us. How much? No limit. He would not even hold back His own Son from death! God gave up His Own Son to die, so that we could be His! What great love!

So, if God is for us, who could be against us? Could anyone stop us from being forever with the Lord? No! Someone would have to stop God, because He wanted us with Himself. Could anyone say God did not work everything out? Christ is the One that died and rose for us. Could anyone say that Christ is not good enough?

Who could stop God’s love to us? No one! We may have many problems, but nothing can stand between God and us. God has made up His mind that He wants us with Him forever. Can anyone stop His plans? No one! So our hearts can be at peace knowing that God loves us. This trust and peace does not come from what we see. It is from what we know. We know God loves us, so we can have peace in any bad problem! May the Lord help all of us rejoice saying “I am the Lord’s!”

Continued here.

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How To Have An Effective Church Prayer Chain

Our good friends over at the mySonlight Blog have an excellent post today regarding the effective use of prayer chains. While technology has greatly impacted the way prayer requests are disseminated, we shouldn’t lose sight of the basic concepts that make a prayer chain effective.

In her post, Sherri Jason gives us six key principles of an effective Prayer Chain:

  1. Have one key contact person.
  2. Keep the chain for important and imminent requests.
  3. Try to keep it to items involving known people.
  4. If it’s something very serious make sure the message has a personal touch.
  5. Make sure to give timely updates.
  6. Be encouraging.

Sherri also reminds us that every church is unique, depending on the dynamics of those in fellowship. Therefore it is important to keep the system as simple and efficient as possible.

You can read the entire post here.


photo: Flickr/pratanti

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Jottings – The Peace Of God


God certainly did not answer Paul’s requests as Paul intended. But God did answer, and he answered exactly as Paul indicates in his words about prayer to the Philippians. He answered by giving Paul peace. Paul knew God’s peace even in the most difficult of earthly circumstances, and he writes out of these circumstances to tell us also to make requests of God, our heavenly Father.

Commenting on Philippians 4:6-7. James Montgomery Boice, Philippians: An Expositional Commentary. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2000, p.243.

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On Field Prayer Before Saturday’s Penn State Nebraska Game

I came across the following video on Denny Burk’s blog today.

Without question the revelations that came out of State College last week were both sickening and shocking. After an excruciatingly difficult week many wondered what would happen at Penn State’s final home game of the season. Right before the game started several players from both teams came together on the field to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ. Very moving.

If the video fails to appear, just click your browser’s reload button

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Jottings – Prayer, Praise, & Worship


Broadly speaking, prayer is the occupation of the soul with its needs. Praise is the occupation of the soul with its blessings. Worship is the occupation of the soul with God Himself.

Alfred P. Gibbs, Worship The Christian’s Highest Occupation (Kansas City, Walterick Publishers) p.26.

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Jottings – Answered Prayer

He does not answer prayers if He has already given us the answer, and we are not willing to use it.

William MacDonald in True Discipleship published by Gospel Folio Press. How this jumped off the page when I first read it. How many times has God answered my prayers… and yet I never realized it because I wanted a different answer?

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