A Chart On The Course Of Time From Eternity To Eternity


A E Booth - A Chart on the Course of Time from Eternity to Eternity


Recently I shared with you Ironside’s helpful chart of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Another helpful chart regarding prophesy and the larger topic of the Dispensations is A E Booth’s A Chart on the Course Of Time from Eternity to Eternity.

Key To A Chart On The Course Of Time From Eternity To Eternity - A E Booth - Cover PhotoIf you are not familiar with the chart I would encourage you to check it out. At the very least the chart is absolutely fascinating and provides one with motivation to study God’s Holy Word. For example, many are surprised to see the chart as depicting Satan in heavenly places. What’s that all about? See Ephesians 2:2 and 6:11-12.

Brother Booth also authored a companion publication “Key to a Chart” to help one in navigating the chart’s symbolism and to provide the student of God’s Word with some deeper explanations and Scripture references.

The chart and it’s accompanying booklet are available through a handful of retailers including Moments With The Book. A modern computer drawn rendition of the chart is available in three different sizes: 12″ x 31.5″, 18″ x 48″, and 42″ x 114″ as well as Booth’s Key.

A free, scanned copy of A E Booth’s companion booklet The Course of Time From Eternity to Eternity Key to a Chart is available here.

As always, be a good Berean (Acts 17:11) by examining the Scriptures to see if what one is teaching is in fact true.

Joseph was right: interpretations belong to God (Genesis 40:8). While sermons, commentaries, and charts can be helpful to some extent one must never base their faith in such helps– rather our faith must be based on God’s Word alone. Sola scriptura. There are no shortcuts.


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Ironside’s Revelation Chart

H A Ironside's Revelation Chart


Earlier today I discovered on The Blue Letter Bible H A Ironside’s The Revelation of Jesus Christ Chart. The chart gives a panoramic view of the book of Revelation and is a wonderful tool to help study or teach the book of Revelation.

Personally, I have always enjoyed Ironside’s books– the writing style is simple and straight forward, yet his teaching is deep. If you are not familiar with his writings you can still obtain many of his tomes today. In print from Kregel Publications and digitally form Logos Bible Software.

Jump directly to the chart on The Blue Letter Bible here.

Note: this is a “refurbished” chart– it is not Ironside’s original art work. I believe the depiction of the seven seals on the refurbished chart is incorrect— all seven seals are depicted on the front. This would require the removal of all seven before the scroll could even start to open.

Whereas Ironside’s original Revelation chart depicted only the first seal on front of the scroll and the six remaining seals sequentially along the side edge edge of the scroll. This would allow for the scroll to be opened section by section as each seal is opened. In the book that accompanies the chart, Lectures on The Book of Revelation, Ironside explains the significance of the placement of the seals:

When we read of a “book” we must not think of a volume such as we are familiar with, but rather of a roll of parchment. The ancient books of Israel were generally sheepskin rolls; and when we are told that this book was sealed with seven seals, we are to understand that the book was rolled up to a certain point, and there a seal was put upon the edge, so that it could not be opened until that seal was broken. It was rolled up a little farther and another seal put on, and so on, until there were six seals on the edge of the book and one seal closing the entire scroll. When the first seal was opened a certain portion of the book was exposed to view, and so with each one following.1



1Ironside, Harry A. Lectures on The Book of Revelation. Neptune, NJ: Loizeaux Brothers, 1920 & 1987. p. 89.


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WWW Wednesday: Preaching with an iPad – Multimedia Accessories

The Best Sermon IllustrationMy regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post is now available.

This week I explore how to setup your iPad for displaying sermon audio/visual aides– such as PowerPoint slideshows or video clips.

The WWW article reviews five specific iPad accessories for exporting media from your iPad. Check it out… and be sure to leave a comment!

Link: Preaching with an iPad Part 5: Multimedia Accessories


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Flashback: This Week Last Year [2012 Week #3]

Costa ConcordiaDuring the third week of January 2012 the world’s attention was focused on the unfolding disaster of the grounding of the Costa Concordia just off of the Italian Coast.

On Digital Sojourner there were a number of interesting posts. Here are a few of the highlights:

Hope you enjoy this flashback to 2012 Week #3


[photo credit]


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WWW Wednesday: Best iPad Note Apps For Preaching

Apple's iPad Notes App


My regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post is now available.

This week I explore which note taking and editing apps you should consider using to help you prepare for preaching.

The WWW article recommends four specific iPad note apps that I have found helpful when preparing sermons. Check it out… and be sure to leave a comment!

Link: Preaching with an iPad Part 3: Best Note Apps for Preaching


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WWW Wednesday: The Best iPad Bible Apps for Preaching

iPad Smart CoverMy regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post is now available.

This week I explore which Bible app features, as a preacher, you should look for when considering which iPad app(s) to use.

I also recommend four specific iPad Bible apps that I have found helpful when delivering a sermon to a live audience. Enjoy!

Link: Preaching with an iPad Part 2: Best iPad Bible Apps for Preaching


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WWW Wednesday: Preaching with an iPad Part 1 – Why?

iPad 2 Black

My regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post is now available.

Some of the most popular Digital Sojourner posts (here, here, here, and here) explore the use of the iPad as a preaching tool. Since writing those posts my appreciation of the iPad a public speaking tool has only grown, I’ve also adopted some new techniques that I believe would be helpful to others who are using (or considering to use) Apple’s popular tablet for this purpose.

Today’s article deals with the question of why someone would even want to use an iPad as a preaching tool. This article is the first in a series of seven on this topic. Enjoy!

Link: Preaching with an iPad Part 1 – Why?


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Two Roads Two Destinies Chart

The Two Roads And The Two Destinies


Through a Christian Facebook group I recently discovered that the “Two Roads Two Destinies” evangelistic chart is available online for free in PDF format. If you are not familiar with the chart it is an excellent tool for sharing the message of the Gospel.

The chart is available in several different languages in up to three different variations (depending on the language). There is also a 22 lesson study guide available in 4 languages– including English and Spanish.

The resource has been made available by the saints at the Moncton Gospel Hall of Moncton, NB Canada. Thank you!

Jump directly to the download page here.


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Podium Pro iPad App Released

Podium Pro iPad app for public speaking and preachingA few weeks ago I posted a short article about a new iPad app in development that promises to be of help for all public speakers including preachers.

The app’s developers just released “Podium Pro Lite” to Apple’s App Store. You can find it here. Best of all is the price: free.

I am presently downloading the app my iPad… after I have a chance to mess around with it and use it I plan to write a full review here on Digital Sojourner.

Have you given the app a try? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts in the comments.

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Preaching With An iPad — There’s An App For That


In a recent post, 5 Thoughts: Preaching with an iPad, I lamented the difficulty of simultaneously using the iPad as a Bible and a notebook. Switching between a Bible app and an app with my notes is much too distracting– not only for me but also for the audience who can probably see me fiddling with the iPad.

As mentioned in the article, preaching is about Christ not the tools we are using. The objective of preaching is not to impress or “wow” a crowd with the tools or the technology being used, the object is to proclaim the Word of God and to proclaim the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since writing that post, someone was kind enough to tell me about a Bible app that allows you to simultaneously view the scripture text and your notes on a split screen.

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