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Jottings – No Hesitation

Commenting on Acts 20 ~


The model covered the whole time Paul spent in Ephesus, right from the first moment he arrived until he left. That period has already been described in Acts 19:1-20; and if that were the only account of it, we might well have formed the impression that it was two years and three months of the rigorous public preaching of a forceful man, performing extraordinary miracles and achieving triumphant success. What a different side of things the present address paints in. Here is what the work of serving the Lord was really like, and here is the real man who actually did it: marked by humility, often reduced to tears as he faced the plots of the Jews against him (Acts 20:19, 31), and constantly beset with trials. But see his moral courage and generosity: ‘I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you,’ he declares in verse 20; and again in verse 27, ‘For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God.’


D.W. Gooding, True To The Faith: Charting The Course Through The Acts Of The Apostles. (Grand Rapids, MI: Gospel Folio Press, 1995), 323.


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Devotional – Speaking the Lord’s Message

the Lord’s messenger, spoke the Lord’s message Haggai 1:13 NKJV

Seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? Of course the Lord’s messenger spoke the Lord’s message!  What other message would he speak? Sadly, there are many today who claim to be the Lord’s messenger but are, in reality, not. One may speak messages that sound wonderful but are not God’s message. One may even speak messages that elicit endearing accolades from their audiences, but are not God’s message.

God’s standard is God’s Word. Any message that is at variance with the Scriptures is not the Lord’s message; the one who spoke the message is not the Lord’s messenger!

Lord, today, would you help me to judge all that I hear and read with Your Word?  And, Lord, would you guard my lips from speaking any message that is not your message.  Amen.


Editorial note: Originally published January 3, 2015 at assemblyHUB.com


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Jottings – More Difficult to Master Than a Foreign Language


Commenting on Ezekiel 3:4-11 ~


Strange languages are more easily mastered than the spiritual hindrance of unbelieving hearts.


Feinberg, Charles Lee. The Prophecy of Ezekiel: The Glory of the Lord. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2003. 27. Print.


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Found Online: Rare Video of Harry Ironside Preaching



Source link: https://archive.org/details/ChargeThatToMyAccountHAIronside


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Jottings – Messengers and Messages


Ultimately God is more interested in developing messengers than messages, and since the Holy Spirit confronts men primarily through the Bible, a preacher must learn to listen to God before he speaks for Him.


Haddon W. Robinson (2001). Biblical Preaching, 2nd Edition. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic. Pages 25-26.



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Jottings – Christian Preaching Is Not The Proud Ventilation Of Human Opinions

The Expository Preacher Is A Bridge Builder

Christian preaching is not the proud ventilation of human opinions: it is the humble exposition of God’s Word. Biblical expositors bring out of Scripture what is there; they refuse to thrust into the text what is not there. They pry open what appears closed, make plain what seems obscure, unravel what is knotted, and unfold what is tightly packed. In expository preaching the biblical text is neither a conventional introduction to a sermon on a largely different topic, nor a convenient peg on which to hang a ragbag of miscellaneous thoughts, but a master which dictates and controls what is said.


 J.R.W. Stott & Timothy Dudley-Smith, Authentic Christianity. 1995.


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Jottings – The Expository Preacher Is A Bridge Builder

The Expository Preacher Is A Bridge Builder

The expository preacher is a bridge builder, seeking to span the gulf between the Word of God and the mind of man. He must do his utmost to interpret the Scripture so accurately and plainly, and to apply it so forcefully, that the truth crosses the bridge.


 J.R.W. Stott & Timothy Dudley-Smith, Authentic Christianity. 1995.


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Jottings – It Is Incumbent On God’s People To Proclaim The Good News

It Is Incumbent On God’s People To Proclaim The Good News

Commenting on 1 Timothy 2:4-7 ~~


Although it is not directly Paul’s point in this paragraph, these words function as one of the more significant missions/evangelism passages in the NT. The same reason that Paul was appointed a herald of the good news for the Gentiles is why the church must always be involved in missions. It is inherent in the very character of God, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth, and in the redemptive work of Christ, who gave himself as a ransom for all people. It is therefore incumbent on God’s people to proclaim that good news.


Fee, Gordon D., 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, Understanding the Bible Commentary Series, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2011), p. 67.


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WWW Wednesday: Logos Bible Software 6 – A Ginormous Leap Forward

Logos Bible Software Version 6 A Ginormous Leap Forward

Logos Bible Software released version 6 of their popular software earlier this week. The new version includes a ton of new features and significantly updates many existing features. Is Logos Bible Software right for you? I explore some of the pros and cons in my weekly post over at the Why We Web blog.

Check it out….


Link: Logos Bible Software Version 6 – A Ginormous Leap Forward


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Found Online: F B Hole Audio Recordings

F B Hole

One of my favorite Bible teachers is an Englishman of a former generation by the name Frank Binford Hole (1874-1964), however he is better known as simply F B Hole.

Those who are familiar with his written ministry will know that he writes in a fresh, straight forward and easy to understand manner. His scripture commentary is unique among commentators as he often provides insights to the Biblical text that most other commentators have missed.

Brother Hole’s writings are available, free of charge, on the STEM Publishing website – Here. STEM Publishing also provides a nice biographical sketch of brother Hole here.

Recently I was delightedly surprised to find seven audio records of brother Hole. The recordings are on the audioteaching.org website– here. Considering the recordings were made well over 50 years ago the audio quality is surprisingly good.


Photo credit: stempublishing.com


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