Book Review: Good Daily Devotionals

There are several worthwhile daily devotionals, but some are better known than others. In this review I consider some tools that are excellent for encouraging one’s time with the Lord, but may be less familiar to some readers.

For organizational purposes I separate two categories: daily devotional calendars and daily devotional books.


Daily Devotional Calendars


  1. Choice Gleanings by various contributors (Gospel Folio Press): Brief, paragraph long meditations that include Scripture and sacred poetry. A variety of Christians write different types of devotionals – some are gospel oriented, while others exhort believers. Others succinctly teach a point of doctrine, while many others warm the heart. One valuable feature is that there is a daily Scripture reading plan included on every page, which enables one to systematically read through the Bible in a year. It is available in different formats, including a wall calendar, desk calendar, daily journal, and daily planner.
  2. The Lord Is Near (Bible Truth Publishers; available here): This offers one page long meditations – some by contemporary authors and others by departed gifts like J.N. Darby, C.H. Mackintosh, and William Kelly. Longer than Choice Gleanings pages, these well-written articles likewise offer some gospel-oriented and some believer-oriented thoughts.

    Daily Devotional Books


    1. The Continual Burnt Offering by H.A. Ironside (Walterick/Loizeaux; available here): Henry Allen Ironside is well known for his excellent commentaries on the Scriptures, as well as classics like Unless You Repent. This devotional offers short one-page devotionals for every day of the year. Many theological gems are contained within its pages.
    2. One Day At A Time by William MacDonald (Gospel Folio Press; available here): As with his outstanding Believer’s Bible Commentary, brother MacDonald offers well-written, Christocentric meditations in his customary understandable prose.
    3. The Day By Day series (Precious Seed Publications; available in Europe here and in North America here): From the publishers of the well-regarded Precious Seed magazine. In page-length meditations these books guide one through a Scriptural theme during the course of a year. Contributors are drawn from seasoned Bible teachers in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States. Volumes in the series include:
      • Day By Day In Prayer
      • Day By Day: Christ Foreshadowed
      • Day By Day With Bible Characters
      • Day By Day In The Old Testament
      • Day By Day In the New Testament
      • Day By Day: Bible Commands
      • Day By Day: Moments With The Master
      • Day By Day: Bible Promises
      • Day By Day: Paradise To The Promised Land

      The newest one in the series is the recently published Day By Day: Christ And His Apostles. If you use the Logos Bible Software, some of these titles are available electronically: Link: Logos Day By Day Collection.

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    An Assembly Website – How?

    August 2012 Precious SEED Magazine CoverAs mentioned in a prior post one of my favorite publications is Precious SEED International magazine.

    The most recent issue (August 2012 vol. 67 no. 3) arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Among the many excellent articles is one with much practical help regarding how an assembly can establish a effective website.

    The advice is solid and concise — containing much wisdom in planning and then building an assembly website. The article also warns of several common pitfalls to avoid, such as: “Whilst getting ideas together during the planning phase will come relatively easily, the practical implications of delivering can prove to be problematic.”

    If you have an interest in seeing your assembly establish an effective website (or you would like to see your assembly’s present website improved), I highly recommend reading the entire article, Creating An Assembly Website – How?

    If you are interested in more information regarding Precious SEED Magazine and its history look here.

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    A Church Website? Why?

    Precious SEED MagazineOne of my favorite publications is Precious SEED International magazine. This helpful periodical is published in the United Kingdom by a group of brethren who “desire to encourage the study of the Scriptures, the practice of New Testament Church principles and to stimulate interest in Gospel work.” More about the magazine and its history is available here.

    The most recent issue (May 2012 vol. 67 no. 2) of the magazine has an article that is of particular interest: Creating An Assembly Website: Why? There have been several posts on Digital Sojourner before that have addressed the same question… those posts proved to be very popular.

    Precious SEED’s article provides some additional thoughts on the subject. The article is the first in a series of Three with the two future articles dealing with setting up and then maintaining the assembly’s website.

    Check out the article and then let us know what you think in the comments below. Oh, and while you are visiting Precious SEED Magazine’s website take some time to explore the site and the treasurer trove of material that is available. The site is truly a gold mine of reliable teaching!


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    Video Podcast: Stephen Baker

    One of the great aspects of blogging is that it provides you with a means of meeting others with similar interests. A few weeks ago, through Digital Sojourner, I met a brother in the Lord by the name of Stephen Baker who is a resident of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Stephen is very active in the Lord’s work, both on and offline. Among his many responsibilities, Stephen is the Editor of Young Precious Seed Magazine a Christian publication in the UK. He also writes for the magazine’s parent publication Precious Seed International.

    Since first meeting Stephen it has been a joy to

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