My First Prezi-tation: God Talks Money

Over the weekend I had the privilege of participating in a Bible conference at the Oxford Bible Chapel of Oxford, PA. The conference was a wonderful time in God’s Word and in fellowship with God’s people. The theme of the conference was Biblical Stewardship.

Below is a “Prezi” that I used to as an illustration during my talks. As you view the presentation please keep in mind:

  • the presentation was designed to accompany three 45 minute messages.
  • the False Gospel slide makes reference to the modern day personality Benny Hinn as an example of one of the false teaches that 2 Peter 2:1 says will come and the 19th century evangelist Dwight L. Moody as an example of a true servant of God who acted with utmost financial integrity.



Your thoughts are greatly encouraged… I would appreciate hearing from you in the comment section.

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WWW Wednesday: Best iPad Apps for Sermon Illustrations

Fail Whale illustration


This week I explore the best iPad apps for presenting sermon illustrations.

The WWW article reviews four specific iPad apps to help you present memorable sermon illustrations. Check it out… and be sure to leave a comment!

Link: Preaching with an iPad Part 6: Best iPad Apps for Sermon Illustrations


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