Home Call: Boushra Mikhael

Brother Boushra MikhaelOur dear brother in the Lord, Boushra Riad Mikhael, passed into the presence of His Savior this morning after a long battle with cancer. He was an encouragement to God’s people throughout North America and other continents.

He wrote many articles on the Scriptures for COUNSEL Magazine and other publications. He also authored 2 books, one of which has yet to be published. The other, Dining with the Master, surveys scenes where the Lord Jesus is eating with people in the New Testament. His itinerant Bible teaching was analytical and edifying. He held to the authority of the Word of God as supreme in all things and sought to exalt

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Update: 2011 Rise Up Conference

Lynn's Chronicles and Dr. John Lennox

Lynn & Dr. Lennox

I wanted to write a review of the 2011 Rise Up Conference that was held December 27-30 in Charlotte, NC. Yet, here we are more than halfway through January and I still haven’t posted a review! You may remember that I recommended this event to the readers of Digital Sojourner way back in early November and again in early December.

While at the conference I had the privilege of meeting Lynn of the blog Lynn’s Chronicles. In her blog Lynn writes about two of her favorite subjects, the Bible and Southern Gospel Music. Recently, Lynn posted an excellent two part review of Rise Up Conference. In Part One she describes her experience at the conference, and then in Part Two

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Events: John Lennox at Rise Up 2011

Digital Sojourner is greatly looking forward to the 2011 International Rise Up Conference scheduled for December 27-30, 2011 in Charlotte, NC. Among the many excellent speakers to be at the conference is Dr. John Lennox who is featured in the above video clip debating atheist Christopher Hitchens.

Do not miss this event! there are only a few days left to register. Visit the conference website to learn more.

See you there!

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Events: 2011 Rise Up Conferernce

2011 Rise Up ConferenceFrom time to time Digital Sojourner will post information about upcoming events that we are excited about. One such event is the 2011 International Rise Up Conference. The conference is scheduled for December 27 – 30, 2011 at the Renaissance Suites Hotel in Charlotte, NC.

Among the featured speakers at this event is Dr. John C. Lennox. Digital Sojourner greatly values the ministry of Dr. Lennox, and has recently reviewed his website here and featured his writings in our Jottings category here. This event is your opportunity to hear Dr. Lennox speak on the topic of the New Atheism. He is is very gracious and loving in speech, yet unrelenting in his stand for the truth.

More information about this exciting event is available at the 2011 International Rise Up website. See you there!

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