Becoming a Student of the Word

The Bible Psalm 51

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

It is our responsibility to become a student of the Word. Being a student of the Word does not mean the Bible is something that we casually read. We must be committed to studying the Word of God. So many have lost the desire to study the Word of God. When we watch our favorite sports team or the next big movie we get excited, and we can’t wait until the next Harry Potter book comes out. How come we don’t get excited about the Word of God?

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Jottings – Biblical Prophesy Fulfilled


All the different epochs of the remarkable history of Israel were predicted long before they were reached. Their sojourn in Egypt and servitude, as well as the duration of that period, was announced to Abraham. The Babylonian captivity of 70 years and the return of a remnant to occupy the land once more was announced by the pre-exile prophets, who also predicted a far greater and longer exile, their present world-wide dispersion and a return which up to 1914 has not yet come.1

Fulfilled prophecy is indeed a potent argument for the divine inspiration of the Bible. The above quote, written in 1914 and first published in 1917, clearly alludes to the Biblical prophecy (written thousands of years earlier) that Israel would one day return to the land, yet again.

Some 30+ years after the above quoted article was written and first published the modern day State of Israel came into existence.

1Arno C. Gaebelein. “Fulfilled Prophecy A Potent Argument For The Bible.” The Fundamentals, Vol. II. Ed. R. A. Torrey, A. C. Dixon. Los Angeles: The Bible Institute of Los Angeles. 1917. p. 118.

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Entry Level Theological Truth [22]


“Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?” Genesis 3:1

In the mouth of a clever interlocutor questions can undermine and even destroy faith. Therefore, it is not accidental that the first Satanic attack on mankind focused on questioning God’s Word. The serpent was merely a pawn exploited by the devil for an insidiously evil incursion into Eden’s idyllic scene. By assailing God’s Word, the father of lies sought to erode confidence in the Almighty’s authority. Since it first succeeded, Satan has repeatedly employed this tactic to delude men and women and lead them to spiritual destruction.

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Jottings: Whatever God Says


What this church-doctrine is, it is scarcely necessary minutely to describe. It will suffice to remind ourselves that it looks upon the Bible as an oracular book,— as the Word of God in such a sense that whatever it says God says,— not a book, then, in which one may, by searching, find some word of God, but a book which may be frankly appealed to at any point with the assurance that whatever it may be found to say, that: is the Word of God.

Benjamin B. Warfield. REVELATION AND INSPIRATION (Volume I). Joseph Kreifels.

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Preaching With An iPad — There’s An App For That


In a recent post, 5 Thoughts: Preaching with an iPad, I lamented the difficulty of simultaneously using the iPad as a Bible and a notebook. Switching between a Bible app and an app with my notes is much too distracting– not only for me but also for the audience who can probably see me fiddling with the iPad.

As mentioned in the article, preaching is about Christ not the tools we are using. The objective of preaching is not to impress or “wow” a crowd with the tools or the technology being used, the object is to proclaim the Word of God and to proclaim the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since writing that post, someone was kind enough to tell me about a Bible app that allows you to simultaneously view the scripture text and your notes on a split screen.

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Jottings – Pray in the Spirit


God has never promised to guide any one into the truth who neglects the Word of truth. Therefore he who would pray in the Spirit must walk in the truth, for the Spirit and the Word agree.

H. A. Ironside, The Mission Of And Praying In The Holy Spirit (Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., Neptune, NJ) p. 6.

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Titus – A New Series of Posts

Video Camera Titus Series Introduction

No, it’s not “déjà vu all over again” this IS another new new series of posts on Digital Sojourner! That makes two new series of posts launching this week! (Just in case you missed it here is a link to the other new series)

In this series of posts brother Stephen Baker of Liverpool, England will be “vlogging” (video blogging) through the book of Titus. I asked him to write a brief introduction of himself and this is what he wrote:

Stephen was born into a Christian family and came to trust the Lord for salvation at the age of five. After spending twenty nine years in business Stephen was commended, while living in Manchester, England to the grace of God in 2006 to preach the gospel and teach the scriptures. He now lives in Liverpool, England with his wife Carole and two grown up children where he mainly works spreading the message of the gospel.

Our intention is to post a new installment every Thursday, so be sure to visit regularly or subscribe to Digital Sojourner’s RSS Feed.


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Which Church? A New Series of Posts

Palm Tree New Post Series Which Church?

The Bible is clear: regular fellowship with a local group of believers is an essential aspect of the Christian life (Hebrews 10:25). Sounds simple enough. Unfortunately there are so many different “churches” the question of which local church to associate with is not an easy question to answer. Thankfully the Lord has provided guidance for us in His Word regarding this important issue.o associate with

Today, Digital Sojourner posted the first installment of a new 13 part series regarding the New Testament’s depiction of what a properly functioning local church should look like. Our plan is to post a new installment every Tuesday until the series concludes. The author of this series of posts is brother Jack Hay, who is an experienced and dedicated Bible teacher. I asked brother Hay to give a brief introduction of himself, and this is what he wrote:

I was saved as a boy in Prestwick, SW Scotland, and was commended to the Lord’s Work from the assembly there in 1972 at which time I moved 100 miles north to Perthshire. Since then I have been in fellowship with the assembly meeting in the Gospel Hall in Perth. For a number of years I was involved mainly in pioneer evangelism, but as the years have passed, more time has been spent in teaching the Scriptures. I take an interest in a few places where simple teaching is needed, e.g. Sri Lanka, where I have been visiting at least twice a year over recent years.

So, please join us each Tuesday as we explore God’s Word together. And, as always, be “a good Berean” (Acts 17:11) by searching the Scriptures to see if these things are so.


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Which Church? A Problem

People who are newly saved are often faced with a great difficulty. Which group of believers in the area should they join? There are many sects and denominations around, so the task of deciding is not easy. To attend the nearest ‘place of worship’ is no answer. It could have a modernist preacher who would wreck your faith. To look around for nice people with an exciting form of worship could lead to something remote from the teaching of scripture. To search for a good preacher is no safe course of action. His term of ministry may be relatively brief, and then what?

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A Successful Hunt

Well, I have to pay off the Hunt for the Perfect Bible by actually showing the result of the hunt with this last post of the series. After all, the point of hunting is, eventually (and hopefully), getting!

I checked my list. I was looking for a device that can function as a bible for reading, preaching, and intensive study. With solid software and tons of electronic books, I had to make sure that whatever I was running could store a lot.

Besides all that, I’m (1) a gamer and (2) a designer who does a fair amount of print and digital design. That meant that I needed something pretty powerful.

I also needed the thing to be very portable, light and to have some tablet like capability so I can preach with it. This is a problem since almost all tablets in the marketplace don’t offer an OS that can support my programs and definitely don’t have the cranking power to justify the expense.

Asus vs. Samsung

Cross-category machines, like the Asus EEE Slate and the Samsung Slate, wound up being added to my spreadsheet. Apple doesn’t have any slates that have a full Operating System unless you go with a hack (which costs way too much) so that wasn’t even a consideration. Plus, even if I stayed only within the realm of laptops, the Apple Machines just didn’t give me as much for my money. Only 2 USB Ports? Bah.

Anyway, the slates seemed to be a good buy but you still had to invest in a keyboard (which added to the price) and there wasn’t any real history with the things yet. They ran Windows 7 which has multi-touch functionality (to use the thing as a tablet) but nowhere near the slickness of Android OS or Apple’s iOS. I didn’t mind it since I would be using full software but I still will need a keyboard to do real work.

In the end, I wound up looking at either Fujitsu’s convertible notebooks or Lenovo’s. Lenovo’s screen has the quality of the iPad but without a lot of the glare issues, the reliability backing of Lenovo (formerly IBM), and the great track record of a solid machine. Fujitsu’s, though good, would break my budget. Add to that some Lenovo coupons and corporate discounts and I wound up with a powerful Lenovo Thinkapd X220t Digital Bible that can also run several operating systems in VMWare.

Is the thing perfect? Not quite. Windows 7 could be smarter with the touchscreen (and I’m hoping Windows 8 fixes that) and the active use battery life could be better, but other than those bits I’m pretty satisfied.

Drop us a line (and include pictures) if you wind up successfully hunting for your own Somewhat Perfect Digital Bible.

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