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I am totally excited to announce that I am participating in a brand new ministry project called assemblyHUB!

One reason for my excitement is that assemblyHUB focus is the North American New Testament assemblies as I explain in one of today’s inaugural posts:

“Presently the assemblies are at a critical juncture. While we continue benefit from those who have gone before us, we must not rely on the blessings of prior generations to sustain us indefinitely. Individually and collectively, we must cry out to God for His mercy, leading, and empowerment to meet the challenges of our day. We must also have the fortitude and courage to follow where He leads.

My prayer is that the Lord will use the assemblyHUB website to encourage the saints to be busy going about His business; that we would tenaciously hold to that which is scriptural, be willing to free ourselves of the traditions of men, and to redeem the time we are given.”

The motivation behind this new ministry is best expressed Allan Dunlap in another of today’s inaugural posts:

“The purpose of [assemblyHUB] is to build up and challenge assemblies to consider the principles of the NT and how they can be applied to assembly and personal life. The focus will be on positive teaching and exhortation.”

So I encourage you to connect with assemblyHUB check it out for yourself!

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WWW Wednesday: 100 Million and Growing

Why We Web

In the beginning, just five years ago today, Apple introduced their mobile App Store to the world. Since then the use of smartphones and other internet connected mobile devices has taken the world by storm.

In the beginning God was there… when the app store first opened there were only 200 free apps available. One of the free apps was God’s Holy Word… specifically YouVersion’s Bible App for iOS.

Checkout the full post for more on this amazing milestone…

Link: 100 Million and Growing


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New Scripture Index Feature!


Digital Sojourner is rolling out a new feature to help you quickly find articles that you are interested in. You can access this feature at any time by clicking on “Scripture Index” on the website’s top menu bar as illustrated above. The option can also be found on the bottom menu bar.


Digital Sojourner Scripture Index Screen Shot

Digital Sojourner Scripture Index Screen Shot


When you arrive at the index you will find a listing of all the books of the Bible for which there is a reference. Click on the book you are interested in and a listing of all the references, in verse order, will appear (if you click on the name of the book a second time the references will be hidden). Simply find the Scripture passage you are interested in and then click the name of the Digital Sojourner article. You will then be taken to that article. To return to the index click your browser’s back button or click on the menu bar’s Scripture Index option again.

The index is still a work in progress as many references and articles from last year still need to be entered, so be sure to check back often as this feature continues to develop.


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An Assembly Website – How?

August 2012 Precious SEED Magazine CoverAs mentioned in a prior post one of my favorite publications is Precious SEED International magazine.

The most recent issue (August 2012 vol. 67 no. 3) arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Among the many excellent articles is one with much practical help regarding how an assembly can establish a effective website.

The advice is solid and concise — containing much wisdom in planning and then building an assembly website. The article also warns of several common pitfalls to avoid, such as: “Whilst getting ideas together during the planning phase will come relatively easily, the practical implications of delivering can prove to be problematic.”

If you have an interest in seeing your assembly establish an effective website (or you would like to see your assembly’s present website improved), I highly recommend reading the entire article, Creating An Assembly Website – How?

If you are interested in more information regarding Precious SEED Magazine and its history look here.

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Voices For Christ Website Updated

Voices For ChristIf you have been following this blog you will know that one of my favorite websites is Voices For Christ.

If you are not familiar with the VFC site, you can think of it as an online repository of sermons. The present collection consists of 55,316 full length messages in mp3 format. All of the messages are available free of charge. Messages can be listened to immediately with one click via ‘streaming’ or downloaded to your computer or other mp3 compatible device to be saved and used at a later time. While the collection of sermons is the main feature of the site, other excellent resources are available including written ministry, and hymns.

If you are familiar with Voices For Christ you will immediately notice many of changes to the site. The site’s layout been greatly improved with a ‘clean’, minimalist feel. The site is also much easier to navigate. The homepage features a tag cloud to help users quickly located messages by subject matter and a search bar for more specific queries. I am great impressed with the functionality and speed of the search bar, as you type in words results automatically begin to appear in a drop down box. If you press enter a listing of matching sermons quickly appears. When I entered “missionary acts” I was quickly given a listing of 24 messages, mostly dealing with Paul’s missionary journeys.

Hopefully I will post a full review of the redesigned VFC website soon… in the mean time head over to VFC and checkout the new site for yourself.

Other posts about VFC: Podcast: Interview with Dwight Beavers of VFC and Website Review: VoicsForChrist.org.

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A Church Website? Why?

Precious SEED MagazineOne of my favorite publications is Precious SEED International magazine. This helpful periodical is published in the United Kingdom by a group of brethren who “desire to encourage the study of the Scriptures, the practice of New Testament Church principles and to stimulate interest in Gospel work.” More about the magazine and its history is available here.

The most recent issue (May 2012 vol. 67 no. 2) of the magazine has an article that is of particular interest: Creating An Assembly Website: Why? There have been several posts on Digital Sojourner before that have addressed the same question… those posts proved to be very popular.

Precious SEED’s article provides some additional thoughts on the subject. The article is the first in a series of Three with the two future articles dealing with setting up and then maintaining the assembly’s website.

Check out the article and then let us know what you think in the comments below. Oh, and while you are visiting Precious SEED Magazine’s website take some time to explore the site and the treasurer trove of material that is available. The site is truly a gold mine of reliable teaching!


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QR Codes And The Gospel

Gospel Tract QR CodeI have blogged about the use of QR Codes before — what they are and how they can be used to further the message of the Gospel. Since my last post on the subject I have heard of a couple of creative ways the codes are being employed in sharing the Gospel message…

But first, the basics….


The Basics of QR Codes


What is a QR Code? A Quick Response (QR) Code is a pattern of little squares that make a larger square (pictured top left). The pattern or matrix of little squares conform to a specific, computer readable standard. QR Codes typically embed the address of a specific page on the Internet however other information, such as a phone number or even plain text, can also be embedded. The QR Code below contains the Bible verse John 3:16.

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Website Review: T. Ernest Wilson Ministry

T Ernest Wilson

T Ernest Wilson

Brother T. Ernest Wilson was a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ who was greatly used of God throughout the 20th century. As a young boy growing up in a Christian home in Belfast during the early 1900s he often heard the stories of the great pioneering missionaries such as David Lingstone and Mary Slessor. The Lord used these stories to place a burden in Ernest’s heart for the spiritual needs of the African Continent.

Brother Wilson first left for the mission field at the age of 21. He went on to serve the Lord in the nation of Angola for 40 years. After leaving Africa in 1961 he spent the next 35 years preaching God’s Word throughout the world.

Personally, I have many fond memories of brother Wilson. When I was growing up in the 1970s & 1980s brother Wilson would regularly preach at my assembly. I clearly remember his humble and soft spoken voice. It made a considerable impression on my young mind. It was so evident that he knew and loved God’s Word. His preaching was powerful and had a profound impact me… but the power didn’t come from a loud voice or eloquent oratory techniques, the power came from God’s Word. In the mid 1990s circumstances were such that I happened to be in fellowship at the same assembly as brother Wilson. Though he was elderly and frail his attendance at the meetings was regular and consistent. Brother Wilson was called home to be with his Lord in 1996.

T Ernest Wilson Letter to Fred Arnot 1923Thankfully a good portion of brother Wilson’s ministry has been preserved and is freely available on the Internet. The www.ternestwilson.com website has been established by the Wilson family to “preserve, protect, and perpetuate the work of T. Ernest Wilson”

On the website you will find a treasure trove of material including: a listing of the books brother Wilson authored (most are available for purchase at Gospel Folio Press), a collection of his published articles, and a collection of his recorded ministry in mp3 format.

In my opinion the most interesting feature of the website is an online archive of many of brother Wilson’s letters from the mission filed. Two handwritten letters (available as scanned graphic files) provide a unique insight to his passion for, and dedication to the Lord’s work.

The T. Ernest Wilson Ministry website is a reliable resource for both the student of God’s Word and for anyone who has an interest in the history of African missions.

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How To Get An Awesome (and Fully Operational) Church Website

Mind you, most churches don’t need this last post in my church website series (I say that with a caveat that Crawford might want to address at a later point). If you want to be effective online, you need to demystify the Internet and use it for what it is. That means not over-glorifying the thing expecting it to do

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How To Ensure Your Church Website Doesn’t Stink

At this point, if you followed my other posts, I doubt you have a stinky website for your church. But I don’t know. Some people manage to take something relatively simple and overthink it. This post is surely not for any smart readers of Digital Sojourner but for all Those Other People Who Need These Tips.

In this post, I want to give a few pointers to ensure that your church website doesn’t stink.

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