Being Godly Pilgrims On The Information Superhighway [2]

Integrated Circuit 2More Pitfalls To Avoid In Our Digital Behavior:
(Continued from the previous post)


4. Poor stewardship of money brought on by internet pursuits


The dawn of e-commerce makes purchasing almost anything as easy as pointing and clicking. From the ease of amazon’s “one click” option to the excitement of an E-Bay auction, the potential to develop spendthrift habits is immense. The world wide web may become an accomplice to covetousness and poor stewardship if one is not careful.


5. Neglecting real friendships in favor of virtual ones


Recently I encountered a situation where a married Christian couple was so immersed in online gaming that they neglected their attendance at the local church and fellowship with other saints. The husband especially seemed to prefer interacting with strangers that he joined in a cyber-colony for collective game playing. It is possible that we may spend so much time on social media sites that we forget the importance of cultivating real life friends in the physical world.


6. Digital snobbery against our brethren


There exists the real possibility of a digital divide between members of a local church who are wired and those who are unfamiliar with new technology. Beware of thinking less of other believers who are untutored – or uninterested – in life online. In the Scripture, the Lord consistently honors older saints and highlights their value in light of their maturity and experience. Despite possible ignorance of modern technology, older saints must not be despised. For that matter, among any age group, those who use technology ought not to devalue the service and contributions of saints who are unplugged.


7. The exaltation of form over substance (aesthetics trumps truth)


With the dynamic nature of new electronic tools such as Powerpoint and flashy websites, there is the danger of elevating how something looks or sounds at the expense of quality material. Substance is still the key. Doctrine must be the central focus, rather than presentation. Do we rest in the sufficiency of God and His Word or are we obsessed with the latest gadgets, widgets, and cyber-pyrotechnics? Technology is no substitute for the power of the Spirit exhibited in the Holy Scriptures.


The next post in this series considers the Church’s ongoing mission in the Digital Age.

This series of four posts are based on Keith Keyser’s final keynote address at the recent Why We Web Conference.

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SAVE THE DATE! — May 3-4, 2013 — Why We Web 2013

Why We Web 2013We give the Lord all the glory for the recent, overwhelmingly successful inaugural Why We Web Conference! Over 80 people from 18 different states and 2 Canadian provinces gathered at the North York Gospel Chapel in York, PA on June 2nd to seriously consider the opportunities and challenges that Christians face online. The teaching and fellowship was excellent.

Lord willing, next year’s major Why We Web event will be held on May 3 & 4, 2013 at the Guelph Bible Conference Centre located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. So mark your calendar now for May 3 & 4, 2013 and start your planning to join us at Why We Web 2013! It will be here before you know it.

Digital Sojourner will post more information as it becomes available… however joining the Why We Web email list is the best way to receive updates about this exciting event. You can join the mailing list on Why We Web’s home page.

See you in May!


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Being Godly Pilgrims On The Information Superhighway [1]

Integrated CircuitThe digital age opens up a new world of possibilities for Christian service, but it also presents challenges and temptations that must be addressed. Like it or not, the internet is here for the foreseeable future, and believers must learn to navigate in cyberspace for the glory of God.


Some Pitfalls to Avoid In Our Digital Behavior:

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Digital Pilgrims: The Stewardship Of The Electronic World For the Glory Of God

Editorial Note: The following was sent to Digital Sojourner well in advance of this past Saturday’s Why We Web Conference by the author. Unfortunately, I was unable to post it until now. I decided to go ahead and post it at this late date, because the questions that Keith asks in the post are both challenging and helpful for the Digital Sojourner. –Scott




For those who are attending the Why We Web Conference, I bid you welcome! In my keynote message we hope to address issues pertaining to the following questions (and more; note: they’re listed in no particular order.) For those who couldn’t attend WWW, keep your eye on Digital Sojourner in the near future for samples of the day’s ministry and events.


Questions to Consider


1. Time management: How much time do I spend online? How much of that time is work related? How much is entertainment? (e.g. social networking sites like Facebook; video games; blogs; newspapers, etc.) How much is overtly spiritual?

2. Do I spend more time using electronic gadgets than reading the Word of God? Do I avail myself of the electronic tools for Bible study? Do I have a Bible app on my smart phone (assuming you own one)? What about a Bible program on my personal computer?

3. How much time do I spend in prayer versus surfing the ‘net?

4. Do I ever listen to/watch sermons online? In downloaded mp3 format? Does my home assembly provide their teaching in this manner for re-listening to the messages at a later time?

5. Have I shared mp3 messages with friends? Links to video messages?

6. What do I listen to in my car? Do I have listen to the Bible in recorded form? Other messages? Christian music?

7. Do I read e-books (in epub or kindle, for example)? What do I read?

8. Have I ever posted a verse on someone else’s Facebook timeline for encouragement or as a witness? Have I done this via text-message?

9. Have I witnessed in a chat session before?

10. Do I ever read Christian blogs?


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Live Blogging Why We Web 2012

Why We Web Live BloggingToday is the big day! It is finally here. It’s 8am and Registration for the conference just started. I will be live blogging the conference throughout the day. Note: you will need to refresh your browser to receive new entries.

Added 6/5/2012: To read the Live Blog transcript click the Read More button:

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The Top 5 iPad Apps For Christians

iPad 2

My most recent post is available over at the newly launched Why We Web Blog. In the post I explore five very helpful iPad apps for believers:

  1. OliveTree BibleReader
  2. Evernote
  3. GoodReader
  4. Dropbox
  5. Gmail

If you own an iPad, and you’re not using any of these apps then check out the full post here.

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Alert: WWW Conf Deadline for Early Bird Registration is Tomorrow!

Why We Web Conference 2012

Tomorrow is the last day for Early Bird Registration for the 2012 Why We Web Conference. So head over to the Why We Web Conference registration page and sign up today for this exciting event.

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