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WWW Wednesday: What’s On My Android?

Android logo

A friend of mine recently asked me to give him a listing of the “Christian” apps on my Android smartphone. My Why We Web post this week is the listing of apps that I shared with my friend. Enjoy!

Link: What’s On My Android?


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Why We Web Wednesday: Christian Desktop Wallpaper


Bible artwork


Over at the Why We Web I just posted a collection of some of my favorite desktop backgrounds that you can also download and use. Check it out here.


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WWW Wednesday: Google Keep Updated

Why We Web

Google’s very useful note taking app has been updated– one of the helpful new features is the ability to add a time or location based reminder to a note. Follow the link for more…

Link: Google Keep Updated


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WWW Wednesday: Miley Cyrus And The Amish

Why We Web

The Amish shun having their picture taken… modern celebrities are ever scheming for more camera time. Is there a lesson we can take away from this?

Check out my WWW article on Miley Cyrus, the Amish and what we can learn from this clash of cultures…

Link: Miley Cyrus And The Amish


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WWW Wednesday: Oh Be Careful Little Fingers What You Tweet!

Why We Web

Dr. Phil— the popular television psychologist— recently found himself in the middle of a self made firestorm. He tweeted something that many found to be very offensive.

He quickly deleted the tweet, but it was too late. The firestorm had already begun.

Check out my WWW article for more on this unfortunate event, and a reminder from God’s Word that we would do well to remember…

Link: Oh Be Careful Little Fingers What You Tweet!


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WWW Wednesday: Air Bag

Air Bag Deployment

This week I have the privilege of serving as a counselor at a Bible Camp… so I am not able to write my usual Why We Web Wednesday article. Instead I posted the a video of a counselor intentionally deploying an air bag in a field… upon detonation the air bag soars to a height of about 30 feet.

Detonating the air bag was meant to demonstrate the brevity and fragility of life. One moment everything seems fine as we are driving along… the next moment an accident can change everything. Are you ready for eternity?

Check it out here: Air Bag


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WWW Wednesday: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide Part 2

Why We Web

In last week’s WWW post I briefly explored the popularity of social media and provided some “baby steps” to help church leaders who are not already familiar with social media get started. In the article I suggested starting with social media by getting to know the undisputed leader— Facebook.

In this week’s WWW post we explore a handful of other social media websites that are also be worthwhile experiencing. By gaining a basic understanding of the recommended sites you will then be in a position, as a leader, to begin thinking about social media as a tool for ministry.

Check it out…

Link: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide Part 2


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WWW Wednesday: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Why We Web

Virtually all church leaders know that we are living in the age of the Internet and intuitively realize that social media brings with it great potential for furthering the cause of Christ.

Unfortunately many of those same leaders have not incorporated a coherent and consistent social media effort into the ministry of their local church.

Maybe this describes you or someone you know? If so check out my post this week on the Why We Web blog… it was written to help the absolute beginner!

Link: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide


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WWW Wednesday: 100 Million and Growing

Why We Web

In the beginning, just five years ago today, Apple introduced their mobile App Store to the world. Since then the use of smartphones and other internet connected mobile devices has taken the world by storm.

In the beginning God was there… when the app store first opened there were only 200 free apps available. One of the free apps was God’s Holy Word… specifically YouVersion’s Bible App for iOS.

Checkout the full post for more on this amazing milestone…

Link: 100 Million and Growing


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WWW Wednesday: Google Keep — My Choice For Digital Notes

Google Keep

My regular WWW Wednesday blog post is now available over at the Why We Web blog.

Last week my we took a brief look at the big three digital note taking apps and why note taking apps why such apps are helpful.

In this week’s post I explore the app I use— Google Keep— and why you might want to use it as well.

Link: Digital Notes: Google Keep


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